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Sore. September 22, 2007

Posted by Jericho in kids, workout.

Today we went out and picked up snacks and went to the bookstore and the mall. Picked up a book on computer architecture since it has been so long for me study that topic, and I need to get a jump on winter quarter classes. Both kids love getting out of the house, but go crazy after being out too long. It’s kind of embarrassing when your child starts screaming in a temper tantrum in public for no reason. I think all the parents out there understand, but the people who have never had  kids will never be sympathetic.

Well, today’s (actually yesterday’s) workout was supposed to be clean and jerks. So much for that! It’s just about impossible to do without any sort of barbell set whatsoever. I guess that means it’s time to look for an olympic barbell set. So I subbed in a set of Tabatas instead (air squats, sit-ups and pushups). This probably wasn’t the best idea in the world as I could barely do any sit-ups after Wednesday’s workout. Also, doing pushups the CrossFit way is a lot more demanding that the normal accepted pushup in say, the Navy. Score: (12, 6, 4). I’ve got a long way to go! Today’s workout is supposed to be snatches, which again reinforces the need for a barbell set. I guess I will do 100 burpees for time. That should be fun!



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