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One More Day Off. September 23, 2007

Posted by Jericho in kids, workout.

Today was a lazy day! I spent time with the family today exclusively, and tried not to think about going back to work on Monday. I guess I shouldn’t cavil about work — I’ve got to work if I want to make money. Hopefully someday my work will be something I really want to do and have fun while doing it. 

Abianne and Aidan are growing so fast. I didn’t think children develop, learn and grow so fast, but they sure do. 
Abianne is forming sentences and although 95% of her words are gibberish, she really is trying to communicate. Her shaped blocks  frustrate her so much, when she can’t stuff a star shape into a square hole. I really have to make sure she doesn’t become discouraged too much. She loves to run around and wrestle, so we are considering putting her in gymnastics. After a little research online, it looks like there is a local gymnastics center here that works with 18+ month olds. We’ll have to see if she likes it. 
Aidan has just about figured out how to crawl, but he keeps going backwards instead of forwards, which angers him. It’s quite funny because most of the time he is smiling, and having a great time. He will grab anything and move it around, and then eventually he will try to bite it. I suppose it is all part of the learning process.
I did my 100 burpees today (14:43 — fatigued after 25, degraded form after 65). It wasn’t fun, especially after the squats yesterday — my quads had turned to rubber. I thought it would be a little bit easier, but the jumping from the down part of the squat position tears you up.


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