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$25 Oly bars, Work, and Why I Can’t Stand Online Courses. January 8, 2008

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Well, yesterday I called the guy in Bremerton, and I suppose the person that was going to check out the bar didn’t stop by, so I went to his house and picked it up (two dumbbell weight bars too). It’s in great shape. I’m pretty excited I found it for $25. Now I need to get some cheap bumper plates. I’ll do some reps of the front squat tonight, since I’ve never squatted with an Oly bar before, so 45 pounds should be good at least to figure out the proper movement.

Work started today. I guess it’s kind of a good relief to be back at work, but I miss spending the day with my family. I suppose I can’t be on vacation all of the time. I’ve gotta finish my SRO qualifications before the end of the month, which should be very feasible. So our schedule at work is pretty lax right now.

  • 0730 : Show up to work
  • Training in the morning for a couple of hours.
  • 1030 : Go to PT at the Gym
  • 1200 : Lunch / Shower
  • 1300 : Back to Work
  • Sometime after 1300 : Go Home

It’s pretty good. Some days I will work later, but it sure beats a nine-to-five job.

So I’m taking online classes at Baker College, finishing my BS in Computer Science. Overall, I recommend taking online classes, but when participation is based on number of posts per day (although I’m sure quality counts too) it gets quite annoying. For example, just today someone in the class posted this comment:

It is interesting that in Java to allocated memory for a named constant, you use the reserved word final . After analysing why the word final is used for named constants, I came to realize that final must stand for final value. This means that there is no other value, that the value will never change and that’s exactly what I named constant is. Through the execution of the program, the value of a constant never changes.

Another Student’s Response:

I like the word final. It is a very strait forward word to use.

You’ve got to be kidding me. That is your reply. I don’t know what the original poster is trying to say anyway, and to feel the need to respond. *sigh*

Well, enough rants tonight. Off to do some front squats. Tomorrow is Cindy, so that should be fun. Maybe I can convince my wife to do Cindy with me.



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