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A bit busy. February 25, 2008

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Another weekend gone. Already.So, the second half classes for winter quarter started on the 14th, and they’ve been keeping me busy as hell. Advanced Computer Architecture, and System Development Methods. Both taught by a project manager of Lean Engineering at Boeing. Pretty crazy. I enjoy both classes, since neither is a programming course, so I have the chance to learn something besides code all the time. But since there is so much reading, there is little time for my personal projects.I haven’t even worked out since the last Navy PFA on the 14th – got my excellent  low, but next one, I’m going for outstanding low. Should be easy to show all the younger guys how to stay in shape! 😉 87 situps, 70 pushups, and 1.5 mile run in 10:32. Not bad. The hardest thing will be to get my 1.5 mile in under 10 minutes. I really need to call and order those rubber oly plates, and get rubber matting for the garage floor. I’d also like to get some rings to do dips and pushups and pullups on. Maybe this week.  Jennifer has been working out like crazy. 2 or more hours a day at the gym, about 5 days a week. I would go crazy doing that.(If only she’d CrossFit! – 30 to 40 minutes a day would kick her @$$).Abianne’s birthday was today. She’s already two years old. I cannot believe how fast she is growing up. She really tries to pronounce words, and acts like a big kid sometimes, even though she still throws those two-year-old tantrums.Work has been busy. Finishing up my SRO quals has taken a bit longer than I thought it would. I just can’t wait to get it over with. Being the training guy isn’t helping the amount of time I have to put in, especially with the imminent return of the boat, and therefore the long days ahead. Until next time!


If you don’t like it here . . . February 1, 2008

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I think I have just about had it with people who say they are American, and patriotic, but refuse to acknowledge the fact that military force is vital for a nation’s freedom and defense of individual liberty.

BERKELEY, Calif. —Local officials in this liberal city say it’s time for the U.S. Marines to move out.The City Council has voted to tell the Marines their downtown recruiting station is not welcome and “if recruiters choose to stay, they do so as uninvited and unwelcome guests.”The measure passed this week by a vote of 8-1.The council also voted to explore enforcing a city anti-discrimination law, focusing on the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.In a separate item, the council voted, also 8-1, to give protest group Code Pink a parking space in front of the recruiting office once a week for six months and a free sound permit for protesting once a week.Marine Capt. Richard Lund of the recruiting office declined comment on the council action.The recruiting office opened in Berkeley about a year ago, operating quietly until about four months ago when Code Pink began regular sidewalk protests.”I believe in the Code Pink cause. The Marines don’t belong here, they shouldn’t have come here, and they should leave,” said Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates.Code Pink is circulating petitions to get a measure on the ballot in November making it more difficult to open military recruiting offices in Berkeley if they are near homes, parks, schools, churches, libraries or health clinics.Some employees and business owners aren’t happy with the weekly protests.”My husband’s business is right upstairs, and this (protesting) is bordering on harassment,” Dori Schmidt told the council. “I hope this stops.”        

Berkeley to Marine Corps: You’re Not Welcome 

Shame on you Berkeley. Especially you, Tom Bates. If you don’t want the Marines there in Berkley, well, maybe you should have all of your Police and Firefighting forces leave too. I think I know how much effort would be spent in defending Berkley if we were to be invaded. Good riddance. Code Pink wouldn’t have a freaking podium to stand on or even a microphone to talk in if it wasn’t for the US Military. Freedom is a human right, but it sure as hell isn’t free!