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Cert or Not? July 29, 2008

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Wow. It’s been quite a while since I last updated this (almost) daily blog. Since I last posted, I went underway for 3 months (well, two full months – one month was spent doing FCET ops and preps).

Anyway, just to post some highlights.

Worked out like crazy underway, but damn(!) is the food horrible! Not much for choice, and even if you try to get some good meat or veggies or fruit, it’s either fried, brown or canned. A person can only live on this stuff for so long. (Alas, it seems that 90% of the guys on the sub that I have to work with don’t actually mind the crap they feed us.) Thank God for beef jerky and Lara Bars. 

I brought a pair of elite rings underway, and that was probably the best thing I could have brought. I was also able to improve my body weight WODs markedly: Cindy went from 13 rounds to 24 rounds; Angie went from 1/2 completed in 16:18 to a full Angie in 16:53. Murph time dropped from 47:11 to 39:47 and 100 burpies went from 11:05 to 9:08. I just wish the food was good!

The first weekend of Sept this year CFOW is holding a Level I Cert, and I really would love to go. The only problem is the price of $1000. I mean in some ways its a lot of money, and in others it is a damn good price for what you get. I’ll consider it more, as Jennifer has given me permission to go, but damn $1k. That’s quite a bit.

If you are reading this looking for updates on the Fitness App, stay patient. I’m working hard with what little spare time I do have. I’d rather release a lot later than an early as a piece of junk. I’m still attempting to hit the summer beta (alpha?!) and the end of July is quickly approaching. Anyway, back to coding.


A bit busy. February 25, 2008

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Another weekend gone. Already.So, the second half classes for winter quarter started on the 14th, and they’ve been keeping me busy as hell. Advanced Computer Architecture, and System Development Methods. Both taught by a project manager of Lean Engineering at Boeing. Pretty crazy. I enjoy both classes, since neither is a programming course, so I have the chance to learn something besides code all the time. But since there is so much reading, there is little time for my personal projects.I haven’t even worked out since the last Navy PFA on the 14th – got my excellent  low, but next one, I’m going for outstanding low. Should be easy to show all the younger guys how to stay in shape! 😉 87 situps, 70 pushups, and 1.5 mile run in 10:32. Not bad. The hardest thing will be to get my 1.5 mile in under 10 minutes. I really need to call and order those rubber oly plates, and get rubber matting for the garage floor. I’d also like to get some rings to do dips and pushups and pullups on. Maybe this week.  Jennifer has been working out like crazy. 2 or more hours a day at the gym, about 5 days a week. I would go crazy doing that.(If only she’d CrossFit! – 30 to 40 minutes a day would kick her @$$).Abianne’s birthday was today. She’s already two years old. I cannot believe how fast she is growing up. She really tries to pronounce words, and acts like a big kid sometimes, even though she still throws those two-year-old tantrums.Work has been busy. Finishing up my SRO quals has taken a bit longer than I thought it would. I just can’t wait to get it over with. Being the training guy isn’t helping the amount of time I have to put in, especially with the imminent return of the boat, and therefore the long days ahead. Until next time!

Relaxation. September 25, 2007

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The weekend is gone already. Went back to work today — it wasn’t too exciting. Nothing has really changed, but we did get one new guy in our division, so that is a Good Thing. The watch bill is going to be pretty slim this patrol. Luckily it will be a short patrol.

I really want to keep doing the WOD, but I’m so sore from the last couple, I’m taking days off until after Wednesday. Wednesday I’m running the Navy PFA, which isn’t too bad. Just sit-ups for two minutes, push-ups for two minutes, and a mile and a half run. Right now I couldn’t do enough pushups, because of Friday and Saturday’s workout. Well, I probably could, but I’d rather have my arms chopped off.
I’m thinking of a piece of software / shareware that would be widely usable and not too complicated to program. I suppose I could start designing it now, and wait until Leopard ships to start programming, because just about anything I code now will probably be unsupported in Objective-C 2.0, and Xcode 3.0 looks promising. There are several ideas I have, one of which is a fitness tracking piece of software, because all of the Mac software out there is horrible. Another is nutrition tracking that isn’t the crazy bloat-ware currently available. Something else could be piece of software specifically designed with CrossFit in mind. I’ll have to spend some time thinking and talking with other people about what they would find useful in any of these.

One More Day Off. September 23, 2007

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Today was a lazy day! I spent time with the family today exclusively, and tried not to think about going back to work on Monday. I guess I shouldn’t cavil about work — I’ve got to work if I want to make money. Hopefully someday my work will be something I really want to do and have fun while doing it. 

Abianne and Aidan are growing so fast. I didn’t think children develop, learn and grow so fast, but they sure do. 
Abianne is forming sentences and although 95% of her words are gibberish, she really is trying to communicate. Her shaped blocks  frustrate her so much, when she can’t stuff a star shape into a square hole. I really have to make sure she doesn’t become discouraged too much. She loves to run around and wrestle, so we are considering putting her in gymnastics. After a little research online, it looks like there is a local gymnastics center here that works with 18+ month olds. We’ll have to see if she likes it. 
Aidan has just about figured out how to crawl, but he keeps going backwards instead of forwards, which angers him. It’s quite funny because most of the time he is smiling, and having a great time. He will grab anything and move it around, and then eventually he will try to bite it. I suppose it is all part of the learning process.
I did my 100 burpees today (14:43 — fatigued after 25, degraded form after 65). It wasn’t fun, especially after the squats yesterday — my quads had turned to rubber. I thought it would be a little bit easier, but the jumping from the down part of the squat position tears you up.

Sore. September 22, 2007

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Today we went out and picked up snacks and went to the bookstore and the mall. Picked up a book on computer architecture since it has been so long for me study that topic, and I need to get a jump on winter quarter classes. Both kids love getting out of the house, but go crazy after being out too long. It’s kind of embarrassing when your child starts screaming in a temper tantrum in public for no reason. I think all the parents out there understand, but the people who have never had  kids will never be sympathetic.

Well, today’s (actually yesterday’s) workout was supposed to be clean and jerks. So much for that! It’s just about impossible to do without any sort of barbell set whatsoever. I guess that means it’s time to look for an olympic barbell set. So I subbed in a set of Tabatas instead (air squats, sit-ups and pushups). This probably wasn’t the best idea in the world as I could barely do any sit-ups after Wednesday’s workout. Also, doing pushups the CrossFit way is a lot more demanding that the normal accepted pushup in say, the Navy. Score: (12, 6, 4). I’ve got a long way to go! Today’s workout is supposed to be snatches, which again reinforces the need for a barbell set. I guess I will do 100 burpees for time. That should be fun!

Here I Am. September 20, 2007

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So here is my spot, for all of the peeps from MySpace looking for more up-to-date info.
I started a new workout routine, because I was getting tired of just straight weights, or just straight cardio. It’s called CrossFit, and it is an intense program that will help me achieve fitness goals that a structured routine probably would never let me (or anyone) achieve. Check out the main website at http://crossfit.com/. Yesterday I ran the “Michael” in a time of 24:59, which isn’t bad, but sure as hell isn’t that good (except did regular situps — not GHD — ouch!). We’ll see how well it goes next time. Now it’s time to start turning our garage into a gym, but I doubt Jennifer is down with it. We’ll see ;).
I am reading the “New Optimum Nutrition Bible” which is a good read so far on nutrition and what is wrong with modern diets. However there are a few things that I am concerned about, namely the statistics in the book. I suppose to validate some of the information in the book, I will have to do some research of my own. If you are concerned about your diet, as well you should be, check out the “New Optimum Nutrition Bible.”